Families are an essential part of the PSCA community. In order to keep tuition costs down, we request that each family sign up for one Volunteer on Duty spot per semester and provide a volunteer for two events over the course of the year.

Volunteer Clearances

Volunteer on Duty (VOD)

All choirs will have a VOD at each rehearsal at Shadyside Presbyterian Church and Waverly Presbyterian Church.  The VOD must arrive 15 minutes early and will be responsible for letting choristers into the building. (Choristers, please do not ring bell; wait until the VOD opens the door.) The VOD will also bring a snack for the rehearsal break.  The snack should be something requiring minimal setup and easy to eat with fingers or limited utensils.  The choristers have only between five and ten minutes to eat snack.  Please consider ease of clean-up in choosing a snack. Fruit is strongly suggested – healthy and hydrating! No nuts or peanuts please!

VODs may also be asked to do PSCA-related administrative work during rehearsal.

DOs for VODs:

  • DO pay attention. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Watch the door to let choristers and their families in (and out at the end of the night). Please stay by the door until 30 minutes after rehearsal has started.
  • DO be ready to help. Stay in the atrium/parlor/hallway areas to keep the rehearsal area safe for our kids.
  • DO have snack set up by the time break starts. The choristers have a limited time to eat – we don’t want to lose time setting up while they’re waiting. (Please don’t set it up before rehearsal; wait until rehearsal has started.)

If the nature of your work prevents you from being able to be a VOD, please coordinate with your fellow choir families and arrange to send snack along with your child. Thank you.


Event Volunteers 

Families will sign up for events at the Parent Meeting in the fall (or beginning of the semester).  PSCA will assign a head volunteer for each event, who will be responsible for communicating volunteer duties for that event with the rest of the volunteers. This contributes a monetary value of approximately $200 to the organization. Families who do not wish or are not able to volunteer at two events throughout the year may exempt themselves from the requirement by paying $200 (or $100 for one event).

A person with special skills (photography, wardrobe, etc.) who volunteers throughout the year will be exempt from the two-event minimum, per approval by the administrator. Please contact admin@pghchoralarts.org about your skill! Volunteer event coordinators are deemed to have fulfilled the two-event requirement.


Friend-to-Friend Fundraisers!

Families who raise money for PSCA through Friend-to-Friend (also called Peer-to-Peer) fundraising are exempt from the event requirement if they raise at least $200.
There are many different ways to do this but the basic outline is the same – pick a goal and ask your friends, families, coworkers, acquaintances to sponsor you! The goal could be anything – running the Pittsburgh marathon in May, climbing to the top of the Cathedral of Learning in under 5 minutes, making all the recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook.
Use our crowdrise platform to create your fundraising page and all sponsorship donations will be sent directly to PSCA.