To celebrate the unique gift of each person and to use our voices as a source of healing, beauty, and inspiration.


Our choirs and programs welcome people of all ages, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and those with special needs to create a diverse community of mutual respect and encouragement. We strive to

  • Teach the art of choral singing and musicianship skills. Our choirs and our childhood and adult enrichment programs help people to develop their musical voices.
  • Serve other through music as we sing in concerts and community outreach performances.
  • Be ambassadors for the community of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania.

Wherever our music takes us we aim to demonstrate that PSCA is an integral part of our community: we have a voice.


Pursuing Excellence:
  • Artistry and choral excellence are pursued at all choral levels
  • All choir members must sign contract agreeing to observe strict attendance requirements, respectful disposition towards director, other choir members, family volunteers, and audiences in all circumstances
System of Choirs:
  • PSCA is dedicated to developing a program with 3 levels of training choirs, the requirements of which must be fulfilled prior to admittance into Concentio or Chamber Choir
  • The Sequential Curricula will provide a solid musical foundation in healthy vocal production, rounded vowels and clear diction, intonation, choral blending, independent part-singing and sight-singing
  • Through positive reinforcement, the sequential curricula will also provide a solid foundation in the following non-musical elements: attentiveness at rehearsals, attendance, being prepared for rehearsals, performance etiquette, respectful attitude towards peers, director and audience
  • All new members of Concentio and Chamber Choirs must demonstrate mastery over all concepts and skills necessary for the completion of Level III Training Choir
  • PSCA is open to members of any ethnicity, race and socioeconomic background
  • PSCA continues to raise scholarship funds so that membership is available to all qualified students regardless of ability to pay
Environment of Mutual Respect and Encouragement:
  • Choristers are encouraged to support and uplift one another
  • All Choir members are valued as equally important
  • The Big Sister program provides an opportunity for the older girls to mentor the younger girls in every area of choral life including musical, social, and performance
  • Physical, social, and emotional violence is not tolerated
  • Cliques are strongly discouraged

The Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts believes in the power of every voice.