Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts (PSCA) believes that music is a vital part of education and is dedicated to providing youth with exceptional training in choral music. The chosen repertoire in all levels of choirs is rich in variety, including secular, sacred, and multicultural music from the ninth century to the present. Each choir’s program is tailored to the choristers’ skill level, comprising a wide range of unison to multi-part arrangements, both accompanied and unaccompanied. The study and performance of such diverse choral music helps choristers develop vocal technique, musical literacy, expressive artistry, and appreciation for other cultures and languages.

Based in the East End of Pittsburgh, the Choir focuses on building a community of mutual respect and encouragement, creating a welcoming environment for new members, and providing a safe haven for all members. Each singer understands that his or her contribution is valued and that his or her voice is a unique gift. Choristers also develop the values of discipline, poise, and dedication in creating art while encountering the beauty and power of choral music. Audiences are amazed and delighted by the Choir’s warm, round timbre, clear diction, and precise intonation.

Choristers from cities and townships throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region participate in weekly rehearsals throughout the school year.  Members of Concentio also participate in a week long camp held during the second week of August and a weekend retreat in January.  Choristers form strong friendships during retreats and other social events.

Tuition rates are determined annually by the Board of Directors. PSCA is committed to minimizing its costs and offering scholarships so that everyone may join.

Currently The Choral School is made up of four ensembles for girls, each designed to educate choristers in musical literacy, healthy vocal production, choral fundamentals, sight singing, and foreign languages.